Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome One and All, to my blog! i finally got one! hurray! *dances*, if you are on here and dont know my name and stuff about meh, then you definatly shouldnt be on here, so please leave, otherwise, howdy! This is a picture of meh that my brother took, and yes, that is a horse in the background, her name is Lil'Sioux. And dont worry, youll be able to hear more about her shortly. In case all of you havent noticed, i have been so extremely busy lately, running around to do this, and then to do that, and so on and so forth....the list of things to do never ends. And as you might have guessed, most of my time has been spent with Sioux and Jarissa. But now.....-sobs- Jarissas gone to Germany....Ive been trying to keep as busy as possible so i just wont think about it....and now -growls- im thinking about it so now i need to stop! Alright, now ill just tell you about Sioux. Sioux is pronounced Sue in case you were wondering and seeing how Sioux is an indian tribe she resembles there culture quite well. She is a paint mare, and often a wicked witch to other horses. In case you were wonderin what she looked like when im not standing in front of her, here she is. < This picture was taken by by brother also, he really is a great photographer isnt he? yup yup! This is in a Fitting and Showing class in a horse show i enterd in last thursday. It was loads of fun! And Sioux did soooo well! We enterd in 5 classes : Fitting and Showing, Hunt Seat Equitation, Stock Seat Equitation, Trail, and Bareback, and in every single class she got Blue!!! We also won Reserve Champion in our class!!! But the ribbons are just a bonus, the best thing about it, is we had a blast!!! But incase you wanted proof that im not just lieing about Sioux, heres yet another picture! Its a horrible picture of myself, but hey, i dont really care! Well, i think ill leave the rest for a later time, and leave you with, in my opinion, the absolute best picture ever taken...and yes, it was taken by my brother...here it is...


Blogger Miles said...

Pretty cool blog, Kimmy! Your brother IS a pretty good photographer. I'm impressed! ;) haha, j/k.

12:41 PM  

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